• Hannah Gets Hot: A Wife Sharing Romance


    When Hannah has a chance encounter with a younger man on a plane, Twitter goes crazy for their “budding romance.” Her husband Mike sees an opportunity to seize on his long-hidden fantasies. While Hannah is attracted to the hot, young guy from the plane, she’s far too loyal to her husband to have an affair… […]

  • Obsessive: Essence of an Affair


    Jens Nielsen suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and cannot stand being even close to other people. After unexpectedly falling in love with Effie, he makes it clear to her that because he could never fulfill her needs in the bedroom, she should be free to have an affair without fear of damaging their relationship. And yet […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica Volume 5: More’s the Charm

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    Another wicked volume of sexy stories comes your way from the hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres — this time with the theme of naughty wives indulging forbidden desires with multiple partners. With tales from the likes of Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian and Kenny Wright — you simply can’t beat the […]

  • Flirting


    Between his friend Alec’s trophy wife, and his buddy Chris’s parade of wild and sexy girlfriends, there’s always something interesting happening on Rick’s vacations at the lake house. Last time, things came to a secretive boil between Alec and Rick’s wife, Emma. Rick’s fantasies and doubts about that night continue to claw at his heart […]

  • Separate Schools


    Harrison Wade and Taylor Brooks have been best friends for ten years and professing reciprocal love since they were sixteen. Two inseparable friends are about to face their profoundest challenge. Taylor is going away to a college twenty-four hundred miles away. She’s leaving her best buddy-slash-boyfriend behind. Every end-of-summer since Harrison was ten has been […]

  • Carol’s Trinity: A Hotwife Ménage


    Carol has come to expect her husband to wow her on her birthday and for her 40th he’d better pull out all the stops. But nothing could have prepared her for John’s crazy, sexy plan. It starts with a sensual massage but ends with a night so wild that John’s brought in some friends to […]

  • The Neighbor: An Interracial Hotwife Novel


    Raine and Michael live in a mostly-white Cleveland suburb, so they are surprised to discover that their new neighbor is a black man: single, good-looking, and successful. They’re even more surprised when, while on a business trip, they see their neighbor at a hotel, disappearing upstairs with a white couple. Raine and Michael become more […]

  • Sharing My Sweetheart


    Joe has lucked out, landing a seriously hot girlfriend in his first year of college. But college relationships can’t last, can they? All around him, friends are splitting up with their boyfriends or girlfriends — because they’re not ready to commit, because there’s a lot of temptation in college, because college is a time for […]

  • Game For More


    Scarlett and Will are not finished with the adventure they began in Working On Her Game. Will gives his blessing to Scarlett to return to her physical relationship with her tennis instructor. At first, their sex life is re-invigorated and the affair seems to bring them closer together. But the young, Italian bull is always […]

  • The Happy Endings Series

    Tommy Travis has it all. A booming career, a big house with a swimming pool, a brand-new Corvette, a smoking hot wife, two macho little boys who are chips off the old block. Tommy loves his little Sukie, the dutiful mother of his two boys and capable president of the Travis household. She’s a sexy […]

  • Stephanie’s Hotwife Seduction


    Stephanie is on a rare date night with her husband Andy when they spy a curious sight. Her coworker Dez, an attractive younger black man, is out with an older white couple. Curiosity gets the better of her and Stephanie asks Dez what his deal is. Dez explains he’s a Bull and a whole new […]

  • Working On Her Game: A Hotwife Erotica Novel


    Will has landed a lucrative position at a law firm in New Mexico, but the transition to the slow-moving, scorching Southwest has been a strain on his marriage. His wife has surprised him by taking up a new sport to fill her time. But it isn’t long before the couple discover that Scarlett’s new instructor […]

  • Après Ski


    Cam and Amberly Stroud have a strong marriage. Together they’ve built up a successful outdoor clothing business. Two best friends and ski-bums who’ve had each other’s backs since they were nineteen and living out of a camper van, their financial successes have changed their lives. Amberly has shed her tomboy image; always athletic, she dropped […]

  • Snow Day Fun: A Hotwife Adventure


    Sean and Rachel find themselves stuck in the middle of yet another winter snowstorm, and Rachel’s patience is wearing thin. A fond recollection of a sexy holiday vacation leads Sean to believe he’s come up with the solution for his wife’s winter blues, yet when Rachel reveals the real reason she’s been depressed, Sean must […]

  • Summer Swing: Hotwives at the Beach


    Bikinis, margaritas, hot days, and sultry nights… Marie and Dan have always been close to their friends Claire and Brad. Their annual beach vacation together usually involves box wine, books, and board games. This year, things get interesting when Claire tries to set up her hunky coworker Chris with Marie’s wild sister Lena by inviting […]

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