Kirsten McCurran

  • Kayla Captivated: The Club


    Kayla and Russ worry for their friends Lila and Blake when Lila loses her pharma rep job…until they learn about Lila’s new gig. Lila is falling back on her old skills and working the pole, as she did back in college. Once Kayla and Russ get past the shock that their friend used to be […]

  • Shoot the Messenger: A Hotwife Adventure


    A favor to his wife Haley turns Matt’s life upside down. Matt is fixing her computer when an instant message comes through from an old flame, Travis, her college boyfriend. Haley and Travis had a wild, crazy time together, and their affair burned so hot, it had to burn out. It’s a time in her […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica Vol.3: Caught!

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    Five sizzling new stories from the undisputed masters of the Hotwife genre. Kirsten McCurran, Kenny Wright, Arnica Butler, Max Sebastian, and Ben Boswell have prepared a batch of brand new tales of naughty wives with dirty desires, and their devoted husbands. When these wives are bad, things get good—very good—for their husbands. One wife sneaks […]

  • Gentrified: A Wife Seduced


    Jessica is a fish out of water when her husband, Kyle, moves their family from the cushy suburbs to a fixer-upper in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The new arrivals get the cold shoulder from most of the neighborhood old-timers, except for one. Winston has designs on Jessica the moment he sees her on the street. After […]

  • A Swinging New Year’s Eve


    Alyson and Jack are shocked when their close friends, Kari and Garett, confess they are swingers. They thought swinging went out with the 70s, like disco and shag carpeting. However, after hearing their friends’ reasons for opening their marriage to other partners, Alyson can’t stop thinking that a little experimentation might be just the thing […]

  • Halloween Fling


    Riki Ruskin is shocked when she learns that the hunky neighbor, a college-age boy who is friends with her daughters, has been carrying a torch for years. Riki goes from mystified, to turned on, to flirty, with the encouragement of her husband, Joel. Playing with others isn’t new to this couple, but that was a […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica 2: Tricks and Treats

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    Volume 2 from the five hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres is here. The wives in this collection from Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Kenny Wrightembrace their sexy side for Halloween—and show just how naughty they can be. Warning: in this anthology you’ll encounter seductive ghosts, wicked witches, sexy stewardesses, straying […]

  • Hawaiian Swing


    After 10 years if marriage the flame isn’t quite gone, but it’s definitely flickering, so Kristen and Steve head off on a second honeymoon to find the magic again. But some things are easier said than done. The demands of being a wife and mother—physical and mental—have Kristen wondering if she can ever again be […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica: Summer Confessions

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    Naughty wives indulge in their filthiest fantasies in this collection of short stories from the masters of the genre. Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Kenny Wright, the five hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres, have collaborated to bring you sizzling stories about wives going wild in the heat of summer, wearing […]

  • Hot Dates 3: Consequences of Being a Shared Wife

    Opening your marriage is not easy, as Dana and Dave learned the hard way. It all started with Dave’s fantasy of sharing his wife, but as Dana learned to like dating she began to chart her own path, which was not always what Dave envisioned. In the searing final chapter of this hotwife trilogy, they […]

  • Domestic Bliss: A Tale of Two Couples

    When Gary loses his job and becomes a stay-at-home dad he knows it will change his life, but he could never have guessed the ways it would change life for all those around him. Alexandra, his wife, returns to practicing law—and returns to wearing the kind of sexy business attire she knows will bring the […]

  • Queen of Hearts

    Finn has not been dating Alycia for long, but he already suspects she has a wild side. She is already the most sexually adventurous, fun woman he’s ever been with, and every time he thinks he’s found her limits she surprises him. So when Finn picks Alycia up for a Halloween party and he sees […]

  • Her Other Husband: The Complete Series

    A moment’s foolishness leads to an illicit kiss and a torrid affair follows. Kelly and Danny have a past, but now they are just close friends who are married to others and are the stay-at-home parents. One afternoon they share a kiss and while Kelly hopes she can leave it at that, Danny wants more […]

  • Hot Dates 2: Living as a Shared Wife

    Now that she’s a shared wife, what comes next? After Dave confessed his longtime wife-watching fantasy to Dana, there was no going back. Now he stays home and Dana dates, capturing her illicit liaisons on hidden video. As Dana embraces this new lifestyle, Dave becomes uneasy with his wife’s increasing absences and begins to question […]

  • Meghan Is Wild: A Wife Wagered

    A lifelong crush. A drunken bet. A marriage risked. Eric is baited into betting his wife, Meghan, in a late night poker game by one of their oldest friends. Vince has carried a torch for Meghan since college, always playing it off as a joke, but his feelings have never changed. He’s not thinking of […]

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