Max Sebastian

Max Sebastian is a thirty-something writer, author and occasional journalist who lives in London with his wife and two children. He has been writing erotica for more than 15 years, starting out at the website before joining the indie publishing revolution in late 2011.

You can also find Max online at, on Twitter @MaxSebastian, on Facebook at, and on GoodReads at

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  • The One That I Married


    Jacob has always been able to distinguish between his wife, Rebecca, and her identical twin sister, Rachel. Rebecca’s the more refined, more mature, more sophisticated one; Rachel’s the wild one, the bouncy one, the effervescent, unrestrained one. How could anyone mistake one for the other? Then one night Jacob watches as Rachel pretends to be […]

  • A Wife On Show


    Michael has no problem with his wife, Gemma, helping out a friend by filling a place as a contestant on a brand new dating show on TV. It’ll be a quirky, amusing little adventure to shake up their increasingly settled life. But the show is not quite Blind Date. For one thing, it requires contestants […]

  • Rock Her World


    “What happens on tour stays on tour,” she said. “Except that I’d have to tell my husband everything, right?” Josie nodded. “That’s about it.” Julian Dennis knows his wife gets a little hot under the collar whenever she gets to play rock guitar, especially on stage. But now her old band is getting back together […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica Vol.3: Caught!

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    Five sizzling new stories from the undisputed masters of the Hotwife genre. Kirsten McCurran, Kenny Wright, Arnica Butler, Max Sebastian, and Ben Boswell have prepared a batch of brand new tales of naughty wives with dirty desires, and their devoted husbands. When these wives are bad, things get good—very good—for their husbands. One wife sneaks […]

  • Hotwife Hallpass


    One night off from marriage. One night with another man. After a drunken fling with a blonde he’s never met before, Noah is up against it to save his marriage — but no amount of apologizing, groveling, begging or bribery will help to console his distraught wife, Adrienne. With nothing he can do to make […]

  • Out of His League



    “You are a man who lives in constant fear that one day, his wife will find someone better…” John’s best friend Charlie has it right: he’s developed a constant sense of paranoia that gorgeous Courtney is being unfaithful. That paranoia has already threatened to end his marriage once, but now with the arrival of one […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica 2: Tricks and Treats

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    Volume 2 from the five hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres is here. The wives in this collection from Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Kenny Wrightembrace their sexy side for Halloween—and show just how naughty they can be. Warning: in this anthology you’ll encounter seductive ghosts, wicked witches, sexy stewardesses, straying […]

  • His Week With My Wife: (A cheating wife turns hotwife)

    Because cheating doesn’t have to end a relationship… When Tyler discovers that his wife has been sleeping with other men while away on business attending conferences, it has the strangest effect of strengthening his desire for her. Emily is forced to come clean and admit her infidelity to her husband after one of her new […]

  • The Madeleine Trilogy


    His wife flirts with other men. And he likes it.  Hugo and Madeleine Finnell move to New York looking for a way to end her depression-a bleakness so deep it’s left their five-year marriage in tatters. The change in scenery helps almost immediately. Madeleine crawls out of the solitude of the past three years a […]

  • Her Dirty Little Secret

    He can’t fulfill his wife’s big fantasy… but what if another man can? His wife had a fairly wild sex life at college. Tris has even heard some of the stories. But there’s one thing Sasha never tried — and one thing she always wanted to try. Too bad it’s just not his thing. It’s […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica: Summer Confessions

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    Naughty wives indulge in their filthiest fantasies in this collection of short stories from the masters of the genre. Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Kenny Wright, the five hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres, have collaborated to bring you sizzling stories about wives going wild in the heat of summer, wearing […]

  • Heidi, Corrupted (an ex-wife sharing romance)

    After their passion-free marriage collapses, Joe is certain he’ll never even see Heidi again. But several months after their relationship fizzles, Heidi asks for Joe’s help to understand why it all went wrong, and how she can move on. Joe knows in his heart he was never right for her, but feeling sorry for her, […]

  • Wives with Benefits: Volume Two

    Five more scorching erotic short stories celebrating insatiable wives and the husbands who adore them… Stories included in this volume: Penance – When a visiting friend lets slip a little secret from his past, his wife decides a little flirting with her husband’s friend will serve as his penance… Fertility Rites – A couple resort […]

  • The Game (A Hotwife Adventure)

    Is he playing the Game, or being played? After a late-night dinner party gets a group of thirty-something friends chatting about adultery, Oscar MacDonald discovers that he harbors a dark fantasy about his wife’s infidelity. When wife Izzie forces his secret into the open, Oscar says his only real condition for her to sleep with […]

  • She’s a Star (a Hollywood Hotwife story)

    What if your wife had the chance to sleep with the most famous Hollywood actor in the world? Would she take it? Would you let her? David Martin has long harbored a sexual fantasy about his beautiful wife sleeping with another man, yet struggling actress Hayley has only ever entertained the idea as a fantasy […]

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