• Watching Natalie Cheat


    Nelson and Natalie Stacks are settling in for the night to spend some together-time. It’s been a long week of work and they’ve got one night together before they have to spend some time apart. One night alone, that’s all Nelson wanted. But it seems fate has other plans … Soon, there’s a knock on […]

  • The Landlord Series

    It’s the first of the month and that means Reza is coming. Jonny and Charlie Keen got themselves in financial trouble. Well, that was Jonny’s fault. But sweet Charlie has a way to keep them in the apartment they love. And despite how terrible it may seem, it’s still a better option than the two […]

  • Pool Party


    Darren’s wife is far away this weekend at a conference in New York City. At least that’s what she told him. Who knows these days? He’s got a sneaking suspicion Lynn’s been cheating on him. Nothing concrete; little things. Like the gym dedication, the slim-fitting new clothes … there’s an attitude as well. And she’s […]

  • Cherry Blossoms


    Geoff J. Kane is a successful children’s book illustrator. Ten years ago he married the girl of his dreams. She’d been his best friend and he’d helped her through tough relationships and gave her his shoulder to cry on many nights. Then after two years, she kissed him. Now they’re married and they’ve got a […]

  • Learning Lessons


    Pete and Jess Mapplethorpe have been married for seven years now. They’ve got two wonderful little boys and an Irish Setter. Everyone that knows them would say they are the nicest couple you’d want to meet. Well, they might say that Pete can be a bit of a jerk sometimes—but Jess? Regional Grade Three teacher […]

  • The Maggie Series

    A romantic cuckold epic following a young engaged couple as they explore their sexuality and become entangled in a love quadrangle that envelops their own Best Man. From episode 1: Max is a fourth year Government and Policy student engaged to wed the love of his life. Maggie is a fourth year Art student and […]

  • The Obsessed Series

    Four couples lives intertwine as they explore their erotic boundaries. From simple wife-watching to cuckolding and domination and humiliation, these couples have one thing in common: they all share the same incredible bull. And he is far more than they even expected. Mike and Gretch: Not married, but dating for a good long while. Two […]

  • Taming Terri (Terri Trilogy Book 3)


    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. It is a lesson Bill is learning now that his beautiful wife Terri is involved with other men. Even more dangerous for Bill is not being quite sure what he really wants, nor what Terri really needs. But communication is emotionally difficult and psychologically […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica: Summer Confessions

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    Naughty wives indulge in their filthiest fantasies in this collection of short stories from the masters of the genre. Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Kenny Wright, the five hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres, have collaborated to bring you sizzling stories about wives going wild in the heat of summer, wearing […]

  • The Cayman Proxy Series

    From Episode 1 (Subrterfuge): Mitchell Sutton’s family is one of the wealthiest in London. But Mitch is an outsider, the handsome young son who took his own path. He’s in love with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Kate’s a troubled Council girl thrown into a lifestyle she never imagined. But she’s […]

  • Annual Leave

    Happily married, with three kids under six, a dog, and a house in the suburbs, Heather has all the trappings of a conventional soccer mom. She’s also slowly losing her mind. Her husband convinces her to take a “momcation,” three days at a sunny resort with nothing to do but sleep late, sip margaritas, and […]

  • Nothing Better To Do: A Cuckolding Novella

    “No. No…it’s cool. She just…never seemed like the marrying type.” Rob is finding out from the locals in his wife’s small mountain hometown that his soccer-mom wife Kirsten may have been quite a different person once upon a time. He’ll find out the truth first-hand when a late summer blizzard traps everyone at a party, […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand – The Complete Erotic Mystery Series

    The COMPLETE SERIES bundle, available at MORE THAN 60% OFF the regular price of all individual episodes. Mild-mannered academic Jonah Fielding is hunting his brother’s murderer, with the fervent belief that he was the victim of a serial killer who meets her victims through the pages of website used by married professionals to arrange affairs […]

  • Parallel Lines: An Experiment in Temptation (Part 1)



    Part one of Parallel Lines: An Experiment in Temptation “I don’t want an open marriage, but if you’re interested, then maybe we could try an experiment.” Megan and Malik Trammell have been together for over ten years. They have love. They have great jobs. They have three kids. And they are suddenly each faced with […]

  • Parallel Lines: An Experiment in Temptation (Part 2)



    The second half of Parallel Lines: An Experiment in Temptation   “Just one more time…” The experiment is behind Megan and Malik Trammell. Or is it? Their parallel flings exceeded their wildest imagination. They both did things they never dreamed of doing–crossing lines they never thought they’d cross. Now it is time to stop. Only […]

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