Erotic Thriller

  • The Landlord Series

    It’s the first of the month and that means Reza is coming. Jonny and Charlie Keen got themselves in financial trouble. Well, that was Jonny’s fault. But sweet Charlie has a way to keep them in the apartment they love. And despite how terrible it may seem, it’s still a better option than the two […]

  • Pool Party


    Darren’s wife is far away this weekend at a conference in New York City. At least that’s what she told him. Who knows these days? He’s got a sneaking suspicion Lynn’s been cheating on him. Nothing concrete; little things. Like the gym dedication, the slim-fitting new clothes … there’s an attitude as well. And she’s […]

  • The Obsessed Series

    Four couples lives intertwine as they explore their erotic boundaries. From simple wife-watching to cuckolding and domination and humiliation, these couples have one thing in common: they all share the same incredible bull. And he is far more than they even expected. Mike and Gretch: Not married, but dating for a good long while. Two […]

  • The Cayman Proxy Series

    From Episode 1 (Subrterfuge): Mitchell Sutton’s family is one of the wealthiest in London. But Mitch is an outsider, the handsome young son who took his own path. He’s in love with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Kate’s a troubled Council girl thrown into a lifestyle she never imagined. But she’s […]

  • The Game (A Hotwife Adventure)

    Is he playing the Game, or being played? After a late-night dinner party gets a group of thirty-something friends chatting about adultery, Oscar MacDonald discovers that he harbors a dark fantasy about his wife’s infidelity. When wife Izzie forces his secret into the open, Oscar says his only real condition for her to sleep with […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand – The Complete Erotic Mystery Series

    The COMPLETE SERIES bundle, available at MORE THAN 60% OFF the regular price of all individual episodes. Mild-mannered academic Jonah Fielding is hunting his brother’s murderer, with the fervent belief that he was the victim of a serial killer who meets her victims through the pages of website used by married professionals to arrange affairs […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand: Episode 5 (The Erotic Serial Mystery Thriller)

    The erotic murder mystery continues with Episode Five… Jonah Fielding finds his murder investigation reaching a whole new level as he begins to meet women who are part of a mysterious Network of wealthy or influential people involved in secret wife-sharing parties. What do the strange codes given out at these parties actually mean? And […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand: Episode 4 (The Erotic Serial Mystery Thriller)

    The erotic murder mystery continues with Episode Four… The investigation into the mysterious Black Widow continues, with Emma deciding that the process of using a series of one night stands to draw out the killer must change if it is to be successful. As the case moves further into the dark, hidden world of illicit […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand: Episode 3 (The Erotic Serial Mystery Thriller)

    The erotic murder mystery continues with Episode Three… After yet another body has been discovered, and the police have finally accepted they are hunting a serial killer, Jonah investigates an important clue that could link his brother Nate to the first victim, Julian Foster. Has Lily been lying to him? Continuing to hunt the killer […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand: Episode 2 (The Erotic Serial Mystery Thriller)

    The erotic murder mystery continues with Episode Two… Jonah’s personal murder investigation takes him into the world of consensual extramarital affairs, where husbands and wives know of their partners’ infidelities, and even encourage them. He discovers the truth about Julian Foster, the first of serial killer’s victims, and the strange arrangement the man had with […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand: Episode 1 (The Erotic Serial Mystery Thriller)

    The erotic murder mystery series starts here… Modest Oxford academic Jonah Fielding’s uncomplicated world is shattered when his beloved brother becomes a serial killer’s third victim. Now with the police investigation floundering, Jonah must delve into his brother’s hedonistic world in order to unlock the secrets behind his violent death. Jonah has little to go […]

  • Whatever It Takes


    Daniel and Kris are as white bread as they come. Together since junior high, they have two kids, a house in the suburbs, and no excitements in their lives. Things change when Kris’ little sister Jessi moves in. Jessi is everything Kris isn’t, reckless, promiscuous, and mixed up with very bad people. As their two […]

  • A Killer of a One Night Stand: Episode 6 (Erotic Mystery Thriller, Season Finale)

    Jonah Fielding infiltrates to the very heart of The Network, discovering more about the shadowy organisation, and the extent of the illicit wife-sharing activities it coordinates, as he finally gets close to identifying the Black Widow killer. Discovering some shocking truths along the way, including hidden secrets of some of the closest people to him […]

  • Something Forbidden


    Wife-watching. Swinging. Consensual infidelity. These are not concepts that Maxwell Callahan understands, let alone fantasizes about. Max has a great life: husband, father, successful bar owner. He has no plans to shake it up. And then he witnesses a couple play a dangerous game of pick-up in his bar: the wife gets picked up, the […]

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