• The Neighbor: An Interracial Hotwife Novel


    Raine and Michael live in a mostly-white Cleveland suburb, so they are surprised to discover that their new neighbor is a black man: single, good-looking, and successful. They’re even more surprised when, while on a business trip, they see their neighbor at a hotel, disappearing upstairs with a white couple. Raine and Michael become more […]

  • Stephanie’s Hotwife Seduction


    Stephanie is on a rare date night with her husband Andy when they spy a curious sight. Her coworker Dez, an attractive younger black man, is out with an older white couple. Curiosity gets the better of her and Stephanie asks Dez what his deal is. Dez explains he’s a Bull and a whole new […]

  • Snow Day Fun: A Hotwife Adventure


    Sean and Rachel find themselves stuck in the middle of yet another winter snowstorm, and Rachel’s patience is wearing thin. A fond recollection of a sexy holiday vacation leads Sean to believe he’s come up with the solution for his wife’s winter blues, yet when Rachel reveals the real reason she’s been depressed, Sean must […]

  • Clothing Optional: An Interracial Hotwife Erotica Novel


    Sy Price and his wife find themselves in an unexpected situation when their Belize vacation resort turns out to be “Clothing Optional.” They’re even more surprised to find out that “Clothing Optional” is code for quite a bit more. They decide to make the best of things and enjoy their vacation. But there are a […]

  • A Hotwife Holiday: (An Interracial Romance)


    A night of naughty holiday teasing leads Chris down an icy path as he tries to figure out why his wife Claire is acting so strange. The holidays have never a friend to Chris, but this year things turn much worse as Claire has chosen to tease him with one man in particular: Darius, her […]

  • Lisa Plays Her Part


    Lisa and Luke married young because of an unexpected pregnancy, and Lisa never had much experience with other men as a result. But when a dark, handsome, wealthy man she almost slept with (and always wondered about) resurfaces in her life, Lisa is confronted with agonizing desires… and choices. Now that their nest is empty […]

  • Claudia Changes Tack: An Interracial Hotwife Adventure


    Mike is on his friends’ luxury sailboat with his stunning blond wife Claudia, hoping for nothing more than to convince Claudia that sailing is enjoyable. It turns out that his friends are swingers, in the Caribbean for more than just the sailing. And it turns out that Claudia has a streak of voyeurism in her. […]

  • Gentrified: A Wife Seduced


    Jessica is a fish out of water when her husband, Kyle, moves their family from the cushy suburbs to a fixer-upper in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The new arrivals get the cold shoulder from most of the neighborhood old-timers, except for one. Winston has designs on Jessica the moment he sees her on the street. After […]

  • Megyn For The Win: A Romantic Hotwife Novel


    In Megyn’s view, nothing could be sillier than entering a charity contest to win a “date” with the sexy black celebrity Max Riley, not even to raise money for underprivileged youth. (Un)fortunately for her, her friend entered her in the contest anyway. When she wins, her husband Peter sees a chance to dip into a […]

  • Grand Slam: An Interracial Hotwife Adventure


    Charles keeps a secret desire about his wife Zoe. Her sizzling beauty is typically hidden under scrubs and a hair bun, so his fantasy may never happen. But a wrong turn on a weekend getaway turns out to be the opening pitch of a very naughty game, and Zoe seems determined to knock it out […]

  • Best Hotwife Erotica: Summer Confessions

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    Naughty wives indulge in their filthiest fantasies in this collection of short stories from the masters of the genre. Ben Boswell, Arnica Butler, Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Kenny Wright, the five hottest authors in the hotwife/swinger/cuckold genres, have collaborated to bring you sizzling stories about wives going wild in the heat of summer, wearing […]

  • Human Interest: A Lead-In To Wife Watching

    Josh’s wife Rachel longs to be taken seriously as a reporter. Instead, she’s an adorable internet favorite with lewd fans who stalk her every move. When her cameraman Xavier saves her from danger during an interview, her fans are more than happy to suggest that she indulge in an interracial “human interest” story of her […]

  • A Well-Laid Trap 2: The Story Of A Professional Hotwife


    In the sequel to A Well-Laid Trap, Paddy’s gorgeous wife Jordan continues to lure other men into her irresistible honey-trap. Paddy and Jordan get more reckless and more ensnared in their own fantasy. But when Jordan is knocked off her game by a man who is not her target, the two will have to make […]

  • Annual Leave

    Happily married, with three kids under six, a dog, and a house in the suburbs, Heather has all the trappings of a conventional soccer mom. She’s also slowly losing her mind. Her husband convinces her to take a “momcation,” three days at a sunny resort with nothing to do but sleep late, sip margaritas, and […]

  • The Tenant: A Very Naughty Hotwife Novel

    Once upon a time, his exotic and incredibly sexy wife Anna loved to indulge Brian’s fantasies…to a point. She teased strangers, and took them to cruel, tantalizing places. But she never went all the way. The game ended when Brian and Anna got married, and that was that. Or was it? When the gorgeous, charming, […]

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