• Following Temptation


    Temptation waits just around the corner. Follow and see where it leads. Life is good for Michael and Laura Richards, if a little stale. That is, until Michael follows his neighbor, Dane, to the house of the married Jessica, and watches Dane take full advantage of the voluptuous brunette. Michael shouldn’t watch, but he can’t […]

  • A Swinging New Year’s Eve


    Alyson and Jack are shocked when their close friends, Kari and Garett, confess they are swingers. They thought swinging went out with the 70s, like disco and shag carpeting. However, after hearing their friends’ reasons for opening their marriage to other partners, Alyson can’t stop thinking that a little experimentation might be just the thing […]

  • Halloween Fling


    Riki Ruskin is shocked when she learns that the hunky neighbor, a college-age boy who is friends with her daughters, has been carrying a torch for years. Riki goes from mystified, to turned on, to flirty, with the encouragement of her husband, Joel. Playing with others isn’t new to this couple, but that was a […]

  • Bound by Two


    A day of painting by a married couple and their longtime friend turns into a night none of them will ever forget! Stacey is just as comfortable with their friend Alex as she is with her husband, Tim. She should be, she’s known him just as long, and even dated him first, if only briefly. […]

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