Training to Love It

  • Training to Love It 3


    The exciting conclusion to Kenny Wright’s Training to Love It trilogy Erin and Tom Smith keep crossing lines, pushing their boundaries of fantasy, of comfort, of what it means to be a hotwife, a swinger, a cuckold. Their shared fantasy unlocks a side of Erin that neither of them suspected—a submissive who craves wild sex, […]

  • Training to Love It 2


    His wife slept with another man, and he loved it. What comes next? They did it, and Tom still can’t believe it. After months of teasing and toying, his wife, Erin, actually had sex with her personal trainer. They’d spent so much time focusing on that moment, on getting to that line, that they never […]

  • Training to Love It: A Hotwife Romance


    Can a wife-watching fantasy be trained? When Erin comes home from the gym and lets slip that her new personal trainer is a man, Tom doesn’t know how to react. When he overhears Erin admitting that she’s attracted to AJ, her trainer, he becomes even more confused. He wants to be supportive, but he feels […]

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